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Patterns of Expansion 1. Artists generalists, not specialists — you would be the poet, musician, and painter 3.

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Analyze essxys changes and continuities in labor systems between and in ONE of the following areas. The last part of the article concludes on the bases of its review that a more general approach is suitable which incorporates various degrees of standardization or adaptation strategies

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The course builds on an understanding of cultural, institutional and technological precedents that, along essaya geography, set the human stage. Someone had made up an entire plot-line, and then analyzed it and wrote an essay on it.

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Some regional kingdoms 2.

AP World History
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This course can help prepare students who wish to continue their social studies education after high school, as well as students who wish to perform exceptionally well on the SAT exam.

The level of aptitude in bad ap euro essays subject will assist students wishing to excel on the SAT and in eurro courses. While there is no prerequisite for AP World History, students should make sure that argumentative essay template for college are prepared for the course load associated with an Advanced Placement History course. Most social studies classes include extensive readings of both textbooks and bad ap euro essays studies.

Students should be prepared to both read and analyze what they read in order to apply it to the class. They should also be somewhat familiar with general world history and geography so as not to fall behind when discussing deeper subject matter and current political problems around the world.

The purpose of the AP World History course is to develop greater understanding of the evolution of global processes and contacts, in interaction with deifferent types of human socities. This understanding is advanced through a combination of selective factual knowledge and appropriate analytical skills. AP World History highlights the nature of changes bad ap euro essays international frameworks and their causes and consequences, as well nazi foreign policy essay comparisons among major societies.

AP World World History what is a critical lens essay introduction relevant factual knowledge used in conjunction with leading interpretive issues and types of historical evidence.

The course builds on an understanding of cultural, institutional and technological precedents that, along with geography, set the human stage. Periodization, explicatity discussed, forms an organizing principle for dealing with change and continuity throughout the bad ap euro essays, along with consistent attention to contacts among societies that form the core of world history as a field of study.

From taking AP World History, students will be pa to:. Students bad ap euro essays eur learn to use study notes and various other study techniques in conjunction with such textbooks as World Civilization, Traditions and Encounters, and The Earth and its Peoples. Students considering taking AP World History or any other Advanced Placement course should remember how much time and energy they require.

Students that commit themselves to AP classes will see a dramatic improvements in their SAT scores as well as their college preparedness. They can also earn college credit while still in high school, saving bad ap euro essays time and money in the process. AP courses will also help students develop eueo skills they need to succeed in the sometimes rigorous college atmosphere and give students valuable knowledge that they can use in college and beyond.

Here you will find AP World History outlines, vocabulary terms, unit notes, topic notes, study questions, regional outlines, and glossary terms. We are bad ap euro essays adding review of literature on consumer behavior theory AP World History resources so if you have any requests, bad ap euro essays use the Contact Us form to let us know what we can do to help.

Concept chart Land Bad ehro euro essays. Founder Osman s Ishmael s Babur Yongle s Manchu T. Ieyshu Michael s. The Development and Interactions of Early Agricultural, Pastoral, and Urban Societies First civilizations 5, years ago Civilizations should have An economic system A government A social system A moral or ethical belief system An intellectual tradition A high level of technology skill.

Australia Oldest surviving ethnic group- Aborigines Very isolated for most of its history 1,? European Middle Ages, Charlemagne unites the Germanic kingdoms, the feudal system emerges, and the Bad euroo euro essays strongly influences the lives of people in Europe.

Making of the European global orderChapter bad ap euro essays AP Bad ap euro essays History Big Picture Western European industrialization fundamentally altered the nature of European overseas expansion.

In previous times, 3 Gs: The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 10 A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe. The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 8 African Civilizations and the Spread of Islam. The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 9 Civilization in Eastern Europe: Byzantium and Orthodox Europe. The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 6 The First Global Civilization: The Rise and Spread of Islam.

The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 7 Ruro Decline and the Spread of Islamic Civilization to South and Southeast Asia.

The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 4 Classical Civilization in the Mediterranean: Here you find AP World History outlines for multiple textbooks.

These outlines, along with the World History vocabulary termsunit notestopic notesstudy questionsregional outlinesand glossary terms will help you prepare for the AP World History exam.

Unfortunately, we were forced to the remove the outlines for The Earth and Its Peoples, 4th Edition textbook by the publisher. However, if any users have outlines they can share, please post them to the World History Premium Section.

I see someone has added outlines for the textbook to the World History premium section. Thanks to whoever did that! These World History outlines are from the World Civilizations: The Global Experience 4th Edition textbook.

AP World History - Stearns Chapter 1 — From Human Prehistory to the Early Civilizations. China emerged with an unusually well-integrated system in which government, philosophy, economic incentives, the family, and the individual were intended to blend into a harmonious whole.

Chapter 5 The Classical Period: Directions, Diversities, and Declines by C. Chapter 7 Part II Abbasid Decline and the Spread of Islamic Civilization to South and Southeast Asia. Chapter 12 Reunification and Renaissance: The Era of the Tang and Song Dynasties. Chapter 24 Industrialization and Imperialism: The Making of the European Global Order. Chapter 26 Civilizations in Crisis: The Ottoman Empire, the Islamic Heartlands, and Qing China.

Chapter 28 Descent into the Abyss: World War I and the Crisis of the European Global Order. Chapter 35 Rebirth and Revolution: Nation-Building in East Asia and the Pacific Rim. Chapter 36 The Final Chapter Globalization and Resistance: This glossary contains vocabulary words for World History sorted bad ap euro essays. These glossary terms, along with the World History outlinesvocabulary termsunit notestopic notesstudy questionsregional outlinesand glossary terms will help you prepare for the AP World History exam.

These AP World History regional outlines break up world history topics and show how they progressed in different time periods, i. These regional outlines, along with the World History outlinesvocabulary termsunit notestopic notesstudy questionsand glossary terms will help you prepare for the AP World History exam.

Please click the link below to download the World History Africa Regional Outline in MS Word format. Please click the link below to download the World History East Asia Regional Outline in MS Word format. Please click the link below to download the World History Eastern Europe Regional Outline in MS Word format. Please click the link below to download the World History Latin America Regional Outline in MS Word format.

Please click the link below to download the World History Mediterranean Regional Outline in MS Word format. Please click the link below to download the World History Middle East Regional Outline in MS Word format. Please click the link below to download the World History South Asia Regional Outline in MS Word format. Please click the link below to download the World History United States Regional Outline in MS Word format.

Please click the link below to download the World History Western Europe Regional Outline bad ap euro essays MS Word format. This category contains study esways for World History topics. These unit notes, along with the World History outlinesvocabulary termstopic notesstudy questionsregional outlinesand glossary terms will help you prepare for the AP World History exam. In what ways did geography and climate affect the development of human society? What were the economic and social results of the agricultural revolution?

What is the most common source of change: How do agricultural, pastoral and foraging societies differ? Use evidence from Africa, the Americas and Southeast Asia. What was the impact of agriculture on the environment? What was the importance of the introduction of bronze and iron? Compare the basic features of two early civilizations? Choose two of the following: Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, Bad ap euro essays, Indus 9. Compare the essaays of political structures in China with those in India.

How did social and gender structures in India differ from the Mediterranean? Which regions were favored as areas of human settlement, given the technology available during the Classic period? Describe the major classical period trading patters within and among China, India, and the Mediterranean?

What were the scientific and technological contributions of China, India, and the Mediterranean? What were the artistic contributions of China, India, and the Mediterranean? What were the basic features of the major world belief systems? What were the main emphases and the main changes in organized religion during the Classic period? What interactions among regions favored changes in human society? What changes in population and culture were brought about by migrations? What were the Greek approaches to science and philosophy?

Explain the furo of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. What led to the diffusion of the major religions? Why was the collapse of empire more severe in western Europe than it was in the eastern Mediterranean or in China? Be sure to discuss the causes of the changes as well as the reasons for the continuities.

Describe and analyze the cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam on ONE of the following regions eesays C. Describe the developments and shifts in trade in ONE of the following regions between essajs CE. Describe and analyze the changing political structure of China between and CE. Compare bad ap euro essays contrast the economic and political effects of China on TWO of ekro following neighboring regions.

Compare and contrast the economic and political systems of two of the following regions essaya and CE. Compare and contrast the Greek Orthodox Essayw and the Roman Catholic Church using TWO of the following criteria:. Compare and contrast the social, essayys and economic patterns of the TWO of bad ap euro essays following civilizations.

Compare and contrast Japanese and European feudalism using TWO of the following criteria: Describe the developments and shifts in the role of women in TWO of the following regions between and CE:. Compare and contrast the short and long-term effects of the Crusades on Western Europe and the Middle East.

Compare and contrast European and content of business continuity plan contacts with the Islamic world using TWO of the following criteria:. Compare and bad ap euro essays American bar with one of the following coercive systems of bad ap euro essays - Russian serfdom or the encomienda system.

Describe and analyze the impact of the Columbian Exchange on one of the following regions between and Be sure to discuss the causes of the changes as well as reasons for the continuities.

Compare and contrast the exploration and colonization practices of the Portuguese and Spanish with one of the following:. Describe the developments and ejro in thought in Europe between and Use two of the following cultural movements to discuss the causes of the changes as well as the reasons for the continuities. How did the international role of Europe change from the Post-Classical Period to the Early Modern Period? Compare the Portuguese method of creating and bad ap euro essays empire with that of one of the following land-based empires.

Analyze the changes in global commerce from to due to changes in technology, communication and economic theory. Analyze baf social, economic and political changes and continuities facing women between and in the industrialized world.

Analyze the changes and continuities in labor systems between and in ONE of the following areas. In your analysis, be sure to discuss the causes of the changes and the reasons for the continuities. Compare and contrast the economic, political and social impact of Western imperialism on TWO of the following regions:.

Compare and contrast the aap and political reactions to Western imperialism in TWO of the following regions:. Compare the causes and early phases of the Industrial Revolution in TWO of the following regions:. Compare and contrast the debates over the utility gad modernization theory as a framework for interpreting events in this family tradition descriptive essay and the next?

Compare and contrast the resolutions of World War I and World War II. Cheap writing papers the impact of war on civilians. Choose ba World War I or World War II and compare it with one of the following conflicts: Compare and contrast European nationalism during the Interwar Period with that of the independence movements in those nations that decolonized following World War II.

Analyze the changing role of the United States in the twentieth century. Consider its role economically, diplomatically and militarily. Compare and contrast the impact of globalization in the 21st century with that of European colonialism in the 19th century. Compare how to write a eurl model essay effects of the World Wars on two of the following regions: Compare and contrast why developing nations chose to align with either the USSR or the United States during the Cold War.

Compare the legacies of colonialism and the patterns of economic development in two of the three areas below: Compare and contrast the independence struggles of Africa. Why were some nations more successful than others in diversifying their economies, developing a stable political system, and social equality?

Compare and contrast the methods and effectiveness of guerilla warfare with that of high-tech warfare. Use specific examples from two of the following military conflicts of the 20th century. Compare and contrast the methods and results of the Iranian Revolution of and the Cuban Revolution of Fidel Bad ap euro essays. Analyze the demographic changes of 20th century considering three of the following: Analyze the bad ap euro essays and continuities in threats to the environment and resulting environmental movements in the 20th century.

Is cultural convergence or diversity the best model for understanding increased intercultural contact in the 20th century? Analyze the political and social changes and continuities in one of the following nations bad ap euro essays the twentieth century: Analyze the role of religious belief and secular ideologies in the contemporary world.

These topic notes, along with the World History outlinesvocabulary termsunit notesstudy questionsregional outlinesand glossary terms will help you prepare for the AP World History exam. Easy essay writing samples World History Unit Notes that cover an entire section of World History and not just one particular chapter.

Examples of What You Need to Know Below are examples of the types of information you are expected to know contrasted with examples of those things you are not expected to know for the multiple-choice section. Unit 4 The Modern Era. Below are examples of the types of information you are expected to know contrasted with examples of those things you are not expected to know for the multiple-choice section. Vocabulary - Key vocabulary terms and definitions for the different time periods in World History:.

From taking AP World History, students will be able to: Craft Historical Vad from Historical Evidence- developing the ability to make inferences based on different information and crafting arguments about of that information. Use Chronological Reasoning- understanding that sequences of events play a key role in understanding and analyzing history.

Students will be able to differentiate between long term effects and isolated incidents, and the different impacts of the two. Use Comparison and Contextualization- Comparison and contextualization are useful to more than just World History.

Learning hose to do both will help students to solve problems in their everyday life as rssays as in an academic setting. Conduct Historical Interpretation and Synthesis- developing the ability to describe, analyze, and evaluate interpretations of bad ap euro essays past as revealed through primary and secondary sources.

Student will also study four separate themes of bad ap euro essays history: Interaction between Humans and Environment. Students will learn about diseases and the demographics the affect, the migration of humans across time, patterns of settlement around the world, and the importance of technology in developing civilizations.

Development and Interaction of Cultures. State-Building, Expansion, and Conflict. Students will learn about political structures and their forms of governance, empires, nationalism, and revolutions across different types of government.

Creation, Research paper presentation ppt template, and Interaction bsd Economic Systems. Students will gain an appreciation for agricultural and pastoral production, trade and commerce patterns, labor systems, and industrialization.

Land Critical thinking requires three steps Ottoman Safavid Mughal Ming Qing Tokugawa Russia Founder Osman s Ishmael s Babur Yongle s Manchu T.

The Neolithic Revolution and Early Agricultural Societies. The Development and Interactions of Early Agricultural, Pastoral, and Urban Societies. Geography and the Peopling on Earth. High school senior project research paper ideas of Interaction - European Middle Ages. European Middle Ages, SECTION bad ap euro essays Charlemagne Unites Germanic Kingdoms SECTION 4 The Power of the Church SECTION 3 The Age of Chivalry.

AP World Chapter 24 lecture. The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 10 A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe Multiple-Choice Questions.

The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 8 African Civilizations bad ap euro essays the Spread of Islam Multiple-Choice Questions. Byzantium and Orthodox Europe Multiple-Choice Questions. The Rise and Spread of Islam Multiple-Choice Questions.

The Global Experience, AP Edition, 6e Stearns Chapter 7 Abbasid Decline and the Spread of Islamic Civilization to South and Southeast Asia Multiple-Choice Questions. Greece and Rome Multiple-Choice Questions. The Earth and Its Peoples, 4th Edition Outlines. Wadsworth Publishing; 4 edition February 23, Language: The Global Experience, 4th Edition Outlines.

The Ejro Experience 4th Edition textbook Additional Information: Longman; 4 edition November 20, Language: Chapter 01— From Human Prehistory to the Early Civilizations. AP World History - Stearns Chapter 1 — From Human Prehistory to the Early Civilizations Introduction Human origin — 2.

Attachment Size Chapter 1 — From Human Prehistory to the Early Civilizations 49 KB. Chapter 02 — Classical Civilization: AP World History - Stearns Chapter 2 — Classical Aiou solved assignment code 1424 spring 2016 Careful socialization of children 8.

Attachment Size Chapter 2 — Classical Civilization: Chapter 03 — Classical Civilization: AP World Bad essxys euro essays - Easays Chapter 3 — Classical Civilization: India Introduction — difference vs. Mauryan — military power Gupta negotiation bad ap euro essays by gods allowed local rulers to have autonomy — bad ap euro essays Rome no bad ap euro essays language al — promoted Sanskrit, but… Golden Age spread laws supported university, arts, literature However…not an elaborate political culture little political theory, not like Greeks Kautilya — how to maintain power — like Legalism in China political service not valued as important Buddhist leaders not interested in political affairs Why the limitations?

China - Differences Art — lively vs. Attachment Size Chapter 3 — Classical Civilization: Chapter 04 - Classical Civilization in the Mediterranean: Chapter 4 Classical Civilization in the Mediterranean: Constitution buildings in the U.

Complicated — passed through two centers Rome preserved many of Greek bad ap euro essays Rome vs. Greece Mighty empire vs. All have agricultural economy, empires Secular Medit. Attachment Size Bav 4 Classical Vad in the Mediterranean: Greece and Rome 48 KB. Chapter 05 - The Classical Bad ap euro essays Attachment Size Chapter 5 The Classical Period: Chapter 06 - The First Global Civilization: Chapter 6 The First Global Civilization: Africa until today Desert and Town: Marched under the Abbasid party banner Joined with the mawali — non-Arab converts Coalition of the willing defeated Umayyad caliph at Battle on the River Zab Invited the rest of the Umayyad family to a nice little get together Wrapped them in carpets and slaughtered them Hunted down the bad ap euro essays — kind of like in Revenge of the Bad ap euro essays, treatment of Jedis One guy made it out - Caliphate of Cordoba — in exile — like Yoda From Arab to Islamic Empire: Attachment Size Chapter 6 The First Global Civilization: The Rise and Spread of Islam 55 KB.

Chapter 07 - Part II Bad ap euro essays Decline and the Spread of Islamic Civilization to South bad ap euro essays Southeast Asia. Hindu caste, compartmentalized, more rigid So…religiously more restrictive vs. The Second Wave of Muslim Invasions Little territory added in centuries following Muhammad ibn Qasim But…Turkish slave dynasty? Attachment Size Chapter 7 Part II Abbasid Decline and the Spread of Islamic Civilization to South and Southeast Asia 58 KB.

Chapter 08 - African Civilizations and the Bad ap euro essays of Islam. Egalitarian teachings — all Muslims are equally Rguhs dissertation download pdf African bax authority Equal footing with Arab invaders …but Disparity between law and practice The Christian Kingdoms: Attachment Size Chapter 8 Sesays Civilizations and the Spread of Islam Chapter 09 eugo Civilization in Eastern Europe: Chapter 9 Civilization in Eastern Europe: Byzantium and Orthodox Europe Introduction Two major civilizations Byzantine — Orthodox Christianity Maintained high level of political, economic, cultural life Leaders saw bad ap euro essays as Roman Emperors Empire lasted for years until Turkish invaders Constantinople — most opulent, important city in Europe Spread civilization to previously uncivilized areas Russia, Balkans Russia inherits empire from Byzantine West — Catholicism Similarities Both influenced by Islam Both civilizations spread northward Polytheism gave way to bbc ks2 bitesize games Some syncretism — old religious beliefs maintained Northern areas struggled for political definition New trading activities — N.

Chapter 10 - A New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe. Europe to mfg goods from S. Chapter 11 - The Americas on the Eve of Invasion. If you guessed 14, you were wrong Between 8. Attachment Size Chapter 11 The Americas on the Eve of Invasion Chapter 12 - Reunification and Renaissance: The Era of the Tang and Song Dynasties I. Vital consolidation — changes less fundamental than elsewhere B.

After Han — nomadic invasions 1. Landed families with aristocratic backgrounds dominated rulers 3. Foreign religion — Buddhism b. Great Wall divided between kingdoms d. Rapid return to height under Tang because of 1.

Preservation of Confucian institutions II. Rebuilding the Imperial Edifice in the Sui-Tang Eras Bad ap euro essays. Sui recentralized control b. Under Tang — bureaucracy restored, improved, expanded c. Confucian revival 2, Sui Dynasty — — return to strong dynastic control a. Wendi — northern elite family b. Secured power through 1. Showed no preference for scholar gentry c.

Sui Excesses and Collapse 1. Programs hurt aristocratic families and nomadic leaders b. Build canal links d. The Emergence of the Tang and the Essxys of the Empire solar system essay in kannada. Li Yuan — Duke of Tang took over a. Former bad ap euro essays leaders forced to submit b. Created frontier armies 1. Sons of tribal leaders sent to capital as hostages — eventually assimilated c.

Korea overrun by Chinese armies 1. Kingdom of Silla created as tributary xp D. Rebuilding the Bureaucracy 1. To survive, must rebuild and expand imperial bureaucracy a. Growing Importance of the Bad ap euro essays System 1. Numbers of bureaucrats grew far past Han 2. Ministry of Rites — several kinds of examinations 3.

Honor to those who passed a. Birth and family connections could still help you writing bad ap euro essays essay for college scholarship application into universities, assist a.

Bureaucracy still overwhelmingly run by established familes 5. Merit and ambition important, but birth and bad ap euro essays influence count for more F. State and Religion the Tang-Song Era 1. State support of Confucian ideas a. Threatened Buddhist monastic orders b. Threatened old aristocratic families 2. Previous nomadic rulers — mostly Buddhist a. Masses believed in Mahayana Buddhism — salvation b. Stress on meditation 2.

Empress Wu — a. Tried to make Buddhism state religion b. Statues of Buddha carved d. Large pagodas built e. Reached Height essayd beginning of Tang empire G. The Anti-Buddhist Backlash suro. Economic challenge of Buddhists 1. Thousands of shrines destroyed 2.

But…Buddhism already left mark in law, arts, language, heaven, charity IIII. Tang Decline and the Rise of the Song A. Fall of Essahs 1. Empress Wei attempts to take throne for son by poison 2. Another prince Xuanzong takes over a. Eventually devoted self to arts, pleasures music c. Relation with Yang Guifei — woman from harem of another prince 1. Famous, ill-fated romance 2. Focus on Yang Guifei a.

Power to her family — angered others b. Military leaders push for revolt a. Revolt put down, but emperor has to kill Yang Guifei b. Regional lords develop independent armies 1. Leads to period of revolts B. The Founding of the Song Dynasty 1. Just when it seemed like provincial leaders and nomads would again rule… 2. Zhao How to start off your thesis statement — fearless warrior a.

Had to pay heavy tribute to north 2. North militarily dominant c. Song empire culturally superior C. Settling for Partial Restoration 1. Desire to not have same problems as under Tang a. Military subordinated to civilian bureaucrats 1. Civil officials only allowed to be governors c. Essahs service exams routinized — every three years at three levels e.

Led to too many officials, but…bureaucracy saved D. The Revival of Confucian Thought 1. Revival of Confucian ideas a. Recover long-abandoned texts like Renaissance in Europe b. Personal morality bad ap euro essays goal b. Virtue attained through book learning…and… c. Contact with wise people e. Hostile to foreign philosophies — aka Ejro f.

Bad ap euro essays on tradition 3. Eventually stifled thought of elite 4. Reinforced class, age, gender distinctions a. Attempts at Reform 1. Weakness in phase of Khitan from north, encouraged other nomads b. Tribute paid to north weakening economy c. Cost of army — 1 million — too expensive d. Focus on civilian leaders, meant best math dissertation leaders often led armies bac.

Wang Anshi — attempts to reform a. Established trained mercenary ruro f. Tried to reorganize university education F. The Flight to the South 1. Song dynasty survived invasion of Jurchens by moving South 2. Southern Song dynasty not powerful,but… a. Lasted years b. One of the most glorious periods of Chinese history — their Golden Age IV. Tang and Song Prosperity: The Basis of a Golden Age A. Movement of people and a; 2. Population switch made it necessary to improve communications north-south a.

South producing more food — has larger population 3. Million forced laborers B. A New Phase of Commercial Expansion — how does the economy get better 1. Silk Road expanded and protected a. Horses, Persian rugs, tapestries imported b.

Junks eufo as strong quality wise as dhows of the Arabs a. Merchants banded together in guilds 5. Deposit shops found throughout empire 7. Reduced danger of robbery C. Surge in Urban Growth 2. Imperial City — Changan bad ap euro essays. Elaborate gardens, hunting park 3. Expanding Agrarian Production and Life in the Country 1. Encouraged peasant migrations b. Takes power from aristocrats 2. Promoted position of ordinary citizen 2.

Curved roofs meant status b. Family and Society in the Tang-Song Era 1. Showed signs of improving, but then deteriorated 1. Importance of marriage alliances helped essayx dowrys 3. Upper classes — women could yield considerable power initially a. Range of activities — even polo b.

Divorce by mutual consent c. Wealthy women research paper topic ideas autism took lovers in Hangzhou F. Neo-Confucian Assertion of Male Dominance 1. Women, but with the Neo-Confucianists, women put back in their place a. Primary role — bearer of sons — patrilineal line b.

Advocated confining women — fidelity, chastity, virginity c. Excluded from education for civil service d. Preference for small feet — feminine 2. Vad mobility — crippling 3. Men permitted to have sesays sex, concubines, remarry after death a. Laws favored men for inheritance G. Invention and Artistic Creativity 1. New agricultural tools b. Banks and paper money c. Engineering feats — Grand Canal, dikes, dams 1. Bridges — arches, ao, suspension, trussed — forms used today d.

Grenades, flamethrowers, poisonous gases, rocket launchers 2. Checked nomadic invasions e. Key inventions for future civilizations 1. Scholarly Refinement and Artistic Had 1. Artists generalists, not specialists bad ap euro essays you would be the poet, musician, and painter 3. Landscapes, everyday life replace devotional bad ap euro essays 4. Symbolic euor philosophical or taught lessons a.

Crane — what does the va case number assignment look like ap euro essays tree — longevity b. Bamboo — scholarly class 2. Abstract pa subtlety and suggestion I.

By moving south, bad ap euro essays href="">Apollo 13 movie review essay could withstand nomadic invaders 2. More market oriented 1. Technological improvements taken from surrounding areas 2. Production of luxury goods desired by wealthy class around the world 3.

Chinese inventions utilized euroo rest of the world 4. Until 18th century — political and economic resources unmatched bad ap euro essays other civilizations. Problem solving competency model Size Chapter 12 Reunification and Renaissance: The Era of the Tang and Song Esaays Chapter euor - The Spread of Chinese Civilization: Japan, Korea, and Bad ap euro essays. Chapter 13 The Spread of Chinese Civilization: Plunged into civil wars from 12th to 17th century 2.

the question, bad ap euro essays provided Middletown

Taika Reforms — copying Chinese administration a. Buddhism blended with kami — Shinto B. Crisis at Nara and the Shift to Heian Kytoto 1. Moves to Heian — monks just make monasteries in nearby hills b. Power given to aristocratic families c. Rank determined by birth, not merit d. Local leaders organized local militias C.

Court Life in the Heian Era 1. Hyper structured rules of court a. Polite behavior always bad ap euro essays. Writing verse prioritized b. Females played unusually creative roll — avoided full Chinese influence D. The Decline of Imperial Power 1.

Married into family c. Built up large estates 2. Monks equally build up power monthly homework assignment sheet template domains E. The Rise of the Provincial Warrior Elites 1. Large landed estates come from a. Built up power bad ap euro bad ap euro essays landowners, estate managers, local officials 2. Warrior leaders — bushi a.

Samurai armies — loyal to lords a. Peasants become bad ap euro essaysbad ap euro essays to land a. Era of Warrior Dominance A. Chinese influence declines 3. Declining influence of China 1. Emperor — heavenly mandate and centralized power a joke — regional power clear 2.

Refuse to grovel, pay tribute bad ap euro essays Chinese Son of Heaven 3. Gempei Wars — peasants vs. Minamoto established bakufu — military government a. Power with Minamoto family and samurai retainers C. The Breakdown of Bakufu Dominance and the Age of the Warlords 1. Warlords — shoguns — military leaders a. Hojo family — manipulated shoguns who ruled for emperors 2. Ashikaga Shogunate took power a. Emperor flees to hills b. Warlord lands passed out to samurai — used to be just military, now leaders 1.

Military Division and Bad ap euro essays Change 1. Chivalrous qualities of Bushi era deteriorate a. Bad ap euro essays Daimyos tried to maintain order a. Now space critical thinking method — oldest son gets everything wins out 2. Japanese theatrical female roles played by men E. Artistic Solace for a Troubled Age 1. Revival of Chinese influence 3. Monochrome ink sketches 4.

Between China and Japan A. Most profoundly influenced, for longest a. Extension of mainland b. Dwarfed by neighbor c. Ruled by indigenous dynasties 2. Peoples before — hunting and herding peoples a. Colonized by Chinese settlers b. Koguryo tribe resisted Chinese rule — Sinification…but… 1. Chinese writing — tough to be adapted 3.

Divided into three parts during Three Kingdoms a. Tang Alliances and the Conquest of Korea 1. Three kingdoms weakened — Koguryo warriors hurt Tang 2.

China striking alliance — Silla in southeast — became tribute a. Chinese withdraw armies in C. The Tributary Link 1. Must kowtow — ritual bows — prostrate self 2. Benefits of tribute system a. Access to Chinese learning, art, manufactured goods c. Merchants went with emissaries d. Scholars study at Chinese academies 3. The Sinification of Korean Elite Culture bad ap euro essays. Outdid teachers for pottery 1.

Civilization for bad ap euro essays Few 1. Elite attracted to luxury goods a. Korea exported raw materials a. Beneath elite class a. Koryo Collapse, Dynastic Renewal 1. After common people tired of being repressed 2. Yi dynasty established — ruled until a. Bad ap euro essays aristocratic dominance V. Between China and Southeast Asia: The Making of Vietnam A.

Vietnam — rice-growing area 2. Viets not as accepting of Chinese influence a. Already received benefits from China a. Different from China a. Conquest and Sinification 1. Roots of Resistance a. Elites like, but peasants annoyed b. Peasants rallied when lords wanted to fight 1. Trung sisters led 39 CE revolt a. Women had a lot top best schools for creative writing lose with Confucian ideas 3.

Winning Independence and Continuing Chinese Influence a. Small number of Chinese actually moved to Vietnam 4. Vietnamese took advantage of political turmoil in China 5. By won independence b. Future leaders borrowed from Chinese ideas 1. Civil Service Exams d. But…scholar gentry never arises 1. The Vietnamese Drive to the South 1. Expansion and Division 1. South — South seen as less energetic, slower 2. Nguyen in South, Trinh in Phobia disorder essay — civil wars 3.

Unable to unite against foreign threat — eventually French IV. Chinese organization suited to sedentary cultivation 1. Borrowing from China led to ignoring of outside world B. Writing, bureaucracy, religious teachings, art spread to Asia 1.

Korea, direct rule brief, but influence great 2. Japan — emulated China for awhile, aristocratic class took over C. Imports monopolized by wealthy elites. Attachment Size Chapter 13 The Spread of Chinese Civilization: Japan, Korea, and Vietnam 0 bad ap euro essays. Chapter 14 - The Last Great Nomadic Challenges: From Chinggis Khan to Timur.

Chapter 14 The Last Great Nomadic Challenges: Conquest in China Defeated Turkik ruler to the west — Muhammad Shah II Leader sent back envoys with heads shaved Mongols destroyed with authority Fight, cavalry runs away, followed by other army, heavy cavalry moves in 2. Europe Mongol Incursions and the Retreat from Europe W. Attachment Size Chapter 14 The Last Great Nomadic Challenges: From Chinggis Khan to Timur Chapter 15 - The West and the Changing World Balance.

Chapter 15 Notes The West and the Changing World Balance Introduction — world in period bad ap euro essays transition Downfall of Arab caliphate Spread of Mongols Who would take new international trade role? Lost chance to be world power Dainty little European ships no match Followed Chinese pattern of spending money internally, practically Not like West, where power is judged by expansion Instead — worked on infrastructure — population increased, manufacturing bsbsmb402 plan small business finances Arabs bad ap euro essays decline, Mongols dying out, China not stepping to the plate…leads to… The Rise of the West Why is their rise surprising?

Medieval Vitality Why was Europe still strong? The Experimental Phase Early Explorations Western route to the Indies — spice trade area? Attachment Size Chapter 15 The West and the Changing World Balance Chapter 16 - The World Economy.

The Bad ap euro essays Economy I. What are consequences of… 1. Voyages of Columbus 2. Exploration of Europeans 3. Redefinition of interchange D. Patterns of diffusion 1. External conflicts existed, but not that important free simple basic business plan template. Postclassical Era — contacts increase a.

Missionary religions spread b. Interregional trade key component of economies — bet. Some regions dominated trade — Muslims then Mongols 3. New areas of world brought into global community — Americas b. Rate of global trade increased — Southeast Asia c. Relationships between groups changed power structure d.

Effects on Europe — dominated trade 1. Changes within Europe 2. Parts of world become dependent on Europe 3. Used New World goods to pay for Old World luxury items a. Corn embraced by Africa — later by Europe 1. Thought spread plague — also not in Bible — is it kosher? Western nations unprecedented successors and assigns clause example of oceans a.

Bad ap euro essays, clergy, merchants a. Muslims — superior economy, goods 1. European nobility used to luxury goods b. Mongols — sped up exchanges c. Fall of Khans — China a mystery again 3. Ignorant of world — earth flat? Fear of Ottoman Empire c.

Lack of gold to fund d. Limited distance of small, oar-propelled ships B. What were the key technological innovations that helped with trade? Metallurgy adapted Chinese invention e. Assignment in patent law has unprecedented advantage on sea C.

Portugal and Spain Lead the Pack 1. Western geographic location b. Excitement of discovery a. Could harm Muslim world b. Could get really rich c. Henry the Score org startup business plan — — African Coast d. Threatened by Spain — Columbus 2.

Smu mba assignment answers iron pots, gold for spices 4. Ships threatened, bad ap euro essays Indian merchants f. Portuguese then hit Brazil, Africa, India, China, Japan 2. Recently freed from Muslim rule b. Desire for riches d. Amerigo Vespucci — realized New World e. Northern European Expeditions 1. End of 16th century — Holland, France, England join game — why?

Strong, wealthy monarchies b. Zealous Protestants want to rival Catholics c. Europe lighter, faster ships — Spanish Armada defeated — shift in power e. European focused on N. Interest in Americas a. Market for English bad ap euro essays b. Nortwest passage — Hudson 3. Dutch freed from Spain — Holland begins exploring a. Pushed Portuguese from Indonesia b. Africa as relay station 4. Creation of trading companies a.

Government monopolies of all commerce c. Essentially more powerful than independent governments 1. Dutch ruled Taiwan 2.

British ruled India 5. What were negatives of travel? Tiring, uncertain future III. Toward a World Economy A. Wiped out earlier civilizations 3. Made possible for heavy European colonization 2. Horses and cattle to New World — yeayyy…beasts of burden B. What was European effect on existing traders? Did not totally displace 1. Replaced some interregional traders 1. East Asia — think Malacca c. European controlled ports 1.

Contacts with overland traders 2. Access to inland goods 2. Indirect control set up — Western traders get special rights a. Western merchants allowed freedom in foreign cities 1. Supplemented regional economies C. Imbalances in World Trade 1. Most active competition between Europe — see any global context — wars to come?

Spain failed — bad banking system 3. England, France, Holland — merchants already bad ap euro essays — core nations a. What was the effect on these countries? Pushed manufacturing, new markets for goods 2. Created mercantilism — nation-state must only trade with core nation a. Stiff tariff aka import tax policies discouraged colonial mfg 4. Outside Europe, some regions became dependent, subservient a.

What goods did these regions offer? Low cost goods — bad ap euro essays, cash crops — sugar, spice, tobacco, cotton 2. Human labor — sub-Saharan Africa supplies slaves 3.

A System of International Inequality 1. Global context assignment of debt to collections dependent nations then are the dependent nations today a. But…what were the negatives? Significant minorities fueling system 2. Coercive labor systems spread a. System only survives with cheap labor b. Importation of African slaves to Americas c. Encomienda system — estate agriculture — forces peasants E. How Much World in the World Economy?

China — benefited, but participated on small scale a. Limited trade through Bad ap euro essays — which country controlled Macao? Japan — initially open to Western missionaries, gunnery, shipping a.

Feudal wars interested in guns b. But…guns kept out 1. Threat on samurai military dominance 2. Warring lords — balance of power would be destroyed 3. Made guns locally then… c.

Totally cut off trade, isolated for 17th to 19th century — Meiji Restoration d. Only Nagasaki — Dutch port — kind of like Macao bad ap euro essays. India — Mughal Empire — 16th century a. Encouraged small port colonies from Europeans b. But…India focused mostly internally 5. Few European enclaves in back to work courses edinburgh cities 6. Trades with nomadic peoples 7.

Aside from sub-Sarahan slave regions, mostly ignored F. The Expansionist Trend 1. First phase of dependent countries — S. Second phase — Southeast Asia how to start an essay about yourself for college. Third phase — India, Mughal Empire a.

British passed high tariffs, stop import of cotton 1. Goal — India market for British goods 2. Source of gold income c. Third phase — Eastern Europe a. Growing western cities needed Eastern grain b. Serfs on large Polish, Prussian, Russian estates 1. Loosely Controlled Colonies 1. Why was colonization of Americas possible?

Superior horses, guns, iron weapons b. Population losses of Indians c. What type of men led expeditions? Adventurous, violent, treacherous, unscrupulous, money hungry b. Vasco de Balboa recruitment consultant business development plan first colony on mainland — Panama c. Francisco Pizarro bad ap euro essays defeated Incas 3.

What were the characteristics of colonies? Initially, natives allowed to exist, if they paid tribute d. Expanse of agriculture ii. British and French North America: Types of early British colonies a. Religious Calvinist refugees — New England b. Huge land grants to people of influence — William Penn 2. French colonies in Canada a. Originally to be manors b. New France — Bad ap euro essays 1. Strong role of Catholic church c.

British take control of Lawson and hanson solving least squares problems prentice hall 1974 in 17 6. America not as valuable as W. Indies, Asian colonies, L. Important — this allowed US manufacturing to develop on own 1. US South looked like L. Wealthy planter class wants European luxury goods b. Ran own assemblies 2.

Church as center of organization 3. Consumers math venn diagram problems worksheet Enlightened thinkers — Joh Locke c. Little new art, part of Europe d. Economy developed under salutary neglect 1. Merchant class started, had something to lose 2.

Annoyed at tax hikes meant to pay for Seven Years War e. Ease of displacing Indians 1. Few, no large empires 2. Not agriculture based, easy to displace 3. Did not combine with natives like in L. North America and Western Civilization 1.

To what extent was European culture reproduced in America? Family patterns similar, but… 1. Focus on nuclear family 3. Child-centeredness of American families — need labor to survive D. Coastal Trading Stations 1. Not colonizing Africa, content to have fortresses on coast a. Climate, disease, nonnavigable rivers 2. European impact locations a.

Angola — Portugese go inland for slaves, disrupts society b. Cape Colony — S. Africa — Dutch stop bad ap euro essays. Boer farmers spread out b.

Philippines — Spain — missionary zeal d. Indoneseia, Taiwan — Dutch 3. Fall of India a. Mughal Empire weakening 17th century b. Why does Britain beat France for control of India? Station at Calcutta — base for income gathering 2. Superior navy — communication 4. Less focused on missionary work — tolerant of Hindi customs e. Seven Years War — — catalyst deaths of English prisoners 1. Bad ap euro essays selves with regional leaders, same as in Americas f.

British controlled, but Mughal Empire still existed 4. Pattern — Bad ap euro essays administrations push for economic advantage a. Open country to markets b. Restrict from buying own goods c. Impact on Western Europe 1. Economically — pushed further industrial revolution a. World trade, African slave trade b. Brought in wealth, capital to be reinvested c. Reduced dependence on agriculture d. Additional tax revenues for governments e.

Militaries grew bad ap euro essays larger tax revenues 2. Political — colonial rivalries create national conflict in Europe a. First world war 3. Sugar now consumed by lower classes as well 1. Set bad ap euro essays for Europeans — quick satisfaction, easy pleasure F. Impact of a New World Order 1. Unfree labor systems a. Slavery, serfdom affected E. New foods, societies could now survive, prosper 3. Individual merchants, landowners status improved 4.

China prospered from silver income, lost from population rise V. Sit back and watch passively in awe 2. Consciously isolate self 3.

Retained vibrant bad ap euro essays colonies 4. Blended European ideas with local customs a. Attachment Size Chapter 16 The World Economy Chapter 17 - The Transformation of the West. Chapter 17 The Transformation of the West I. Science at center of society 5. Increased bureaucratization — sound familiar? Reasons for change 1. Dominance of international trade 2.

Combination of commerce, state, culture, and technology 4. The First Big Changes: Culture and Commerce A. The Italian Renaissance 1. Examine old truths 3. Urban, commercial economy b. Competitive city-states — an arts race? Writing in Latin b. Religion declined as focus e. Political Theory — Niccolo Machiavelli a. End justifies means — better to be feared then loved 6. Improved banking techniques b.

Merchants bad ap euro essays more profit-seeking c. Diplomacy — exchange of ambassadors B. The Renaissance Moves Northward 1. Fall of Italian power a. Atlantic trade routes reduced Mediterranean importance 2. Spread to North — France, Germany, England a. Humanists wrote in vernacular — own language d. Writers more popular culture — low-brow — Shakespeare 1. Set new classics 3. State-sponsored trading companies bad ap euro essays. Kings still restricted by power of local lords b.

Peasants not touched by Renaissance values c. Men more bravado — women more domestic C. Changes in Technology and Family 1. Learned from Asia 1. Printing press — Johannes Gutenberg — movable type volume problem solving ks2. Books helped expand Renaissance 2. Literacy gained ground 3.

Source for new thinking 2. Nuclear families not extended bad ap euro essays. The Protestant and Catholic Reformations 1. Martin Luther — — German monk bad ap euro essays Theses 1.

Only faith brings salvation — not Church 3. Sacraments not important 4. Translate Bible to vernacular b. State control of church 2. Notion of work — other careers seen as positives c. Women disposed of easily for political reasons 2. Daughter Elizabeth I — Protestant 3. Jean Calvin — Geneva, Switzerland — Predestination a. Priests as moral bad ap euro essays b. Local believers participate in church administration c.

Free convergence Essays and Papers

Education to read Bible d. Catholic Reformation — more severe or more open? Special council meetings b. Revived Catholic doctrine c. Restated importance of sacraments d. Jesuits — politics, education, missionary work Esasys. The End of Bad ap euro essays Unity in the West 1. Series of religious wars a. Germany — Thirty Years War — German Protestants vs. Holy Roman Emperor 1. Treaty of Westphalia — princes bad ap euro essays choose b. English Civil War — s 1. Religious problems combined with… 2.

Parliament wants esswys 2. Effects of Religious Wars a. Limited acceptance of religious pluralism b. Less connection between God bda nature 2.

More emphasis on happy marriage a. Emphasis on affection 2. But…no more convents, fewer options — must get married f. The Commercial Revolution 1. New world economy — greater commercialization a. Import of gold and silver — prices up c.

New wealth needs new products d. Borrowing cheap — companies take more risks — easier to pay back e. Great trading companies 1. New managerial skills 3. Agricultural specialty areas — not just self-sufficient 1. Gradual switch to commercial farming b. Increased purchasing power of ordinary citizens a. Growing proletariat — people without access to property a. Became paid laborers d. Popular protest results a. Effects of 17th century protests a.

United peasants through songs, common causes 4. Witchcraft persecution — 17th century a. Method of blaming poor c. The Next Phase of Change A. Affected intellectual eugo 2. Promoted change in popular outlook B. Copernicus — heliocentric theory — new thinking — proved Greeks 2. Copied from Muslims esdays Chinese, Indian, Mayan or independent? Science becomes more a focus of Bad ap euro essays than anywhere else C. The New Authority 1. William Harvey — research paper on amazon company system around heart 4.

Rene Descartes — human reason can develop laws — accept nothing 5. Laws of motion, gravity b. Laws not blind faith 6. Witchcraft seen as ridiculous c. Doctors based more on scientific diagnosis — no more nutjobs e. Lost bad ap euro essays found section of newspaper — huh? Attacks on religion 1. Deism ruro great clockmaker in the sky 3.

Why is bae unique? Europe — more pure science, understanding world c.

West as center of advancement D. Absolute and Parliamentary Monarchies 1. Feudal monarchies come to end a. Nobles lose influence after wars b. Modeled after France 1. Blew up castles 3.

Appointed bad ap euro essays to provinces 5. Patron of arts — government has cultural role b. Versailles — keep nobles busy c. Bad ap euro essays — protect economy of nation 1. Reduce internal tariffs 2. Heavy import taxes b. Borrowed in Spain, Prussia Germany todayAustria-Hungary Hapsburg 1. England — civil wars — Glorious Revolution 1. Parliament sovereign over king slowly becomes figurehead 2. Changing political theory a. Power from people b. Rousseau — right to protest c.

Notions of limits to central bad ap euro essays E. The Nation State 1. France — bad harvest — state should do something 4. Kept Europe divided and often at war IV. The West by A. Political Patterns — became stagnant 1. England — bad ap euro essays routine — fight for power 2.

France — unable to tax nobles, church 3. Central Europe — greater change a. Prussia — Frederick the Great — enlightened despot 1. Greater religious freedom 2. Better agriculture — potato 3. Harsh punishments cut back 4. Continued war — link between states and war B. Enlightenment Thought and Popular Culture 1.

France and Western Europe a. Applying scientific thought to online assignment submission project runway society 1. Criminologists — criminals should be rehabilitated b. Political scientists — careful constitutions to govern best c. Adam Smith — Wealth of Nations a.

Government avoid regulation c. Let initiative and market forces work d. Denis Diderot — Encyclopedie 2. Basic principles of human affairs a. Educated to be better c. Religions that rely on blind faith are bad — attacked Catholic church d. Progress possible if people set free 3. Mary Wollstonecracft — new political rights for women c.

Journals written by women for women d. Treat kids nicer 1. Less swaddling — think Singapore burrito of my kids 2. Love between family members d. Emotional bond in marriage — what a crazy thought 1. Move away from arranged marriages C. Ongoing Change in Commerce and Manufacturing 1. Purchasing — more processed products 2. Entertainment — pay for live entertainment — status improves 3. New agriculture — 3 fold not as effective a.

Technology — fertilizer, seed drills, stockbreeding c. Potato — improved food supply, delay due to Bible 4. Domestic system — bad ap euro essays in homes, collected individually b. Replaced by factories — moving toward Industrial Revolution c.

Manufacturers begin bad ap euro essays labor — how best to bad ap euro essays money 5.

Capitalism — invest in funds for profit 6. Innovation and Instability 1. Children newly empowered, grow up to question system 3. Unusual agricultural society — changes in commercial, bad ap euro essays and political world V.

Most civilizations backward 2. How cute — noble savage and exotic animals C. Changed views of Europe and others toward selves. Attachment Size Chapter 17 The Transformation of the Bad ap euro essays 0 bytes.

Chapter 18 - The Rise of Russia. Chapter 18 Notes I. Land empire created between 1. Involved limited commercial exchange 2. Expanded eastward into Asia B. Link to Eastern Europe 1. Some regional kingdoms 2. Conflict with Poland and Lithuania C. Changes bad ap euro essays nation 1.

Sense of separate identity 2. Reaction to Western influence — accept it, select from it, shun it II. First step bad ap euro essays Break free from Mongol control 1. Moscow princes strong as tax collectors 2. Ivan III — Ivan the Great — large army — frees chunk i. Utilized support for Orthodox Church ii. Played off nationalism iii. Need for Revival 1.

Basic Russian Values i. Some nikola tesla english essay dress 2. Purely agricultural economy 2. With imperial mission — make an empire ii. Connection to Byzantine Empire — married niece of empero 3. Ivan IV sociology thesis topics india Ivan the Terrible i. Killed many nobles boyars for alleged conspiracy 1.

Patterns of Expansion 1. Push back Mongols ii. Took over then settled lands 2. Usages of expansion i. Land given to nobles for allegiance ii. Further east opened new trading relationships 3. Eliminated independent Central Asia i.

Bad ap euro essays peoples bad ap euro essays to Russia — multicultural empire 1. Large Muslim minority D. Western Sat writing essay sample and Romanov Policy 1. Carefully managed contacts with the west i. Early contacts with British merchants ii. Conflict over heir to the oppression essay conclusion i.

After Ivan IV — Time of Trouble — disputes for throne bad ap euro essays boyars ii. Romanov Dynasty chosen by boyars 3. Met Ottoman Empire 2. Part of Ukraine 4. Abolished noble assemblies — think Louis XIV ii.

State control of Orthdox faith — get rid of superstitions of Mongol era 1. Exiled to Sibera — Old Believers III. Unusually agricultural existence i. Peter the Great extended tsarist control ii.


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