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Marcus, Sandra, and Sheila Beck. A Place for Everyone in the Library.

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The students would then need to track down the actual published research study, and evaluate whether the popular source reported the results and implications of the study accurately. Planning for Your First Day at School On the first day of school, the secret to success is in the planning, not the pedagogy.

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Home - Games and Activities for Energizing Library Instruction - LibGuides at Indiana University of PA
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Games and Activities for Energizing Library Activities in the Keyword Challenge Based Exercises for College Students. Chicago: American Library.

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This page will help you design library assignments to help your students achieve information competency goals.

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Don’t assume that your students have used a college library. The library is happy to schedule an orientation session tailored to your class needs.

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IUP Library LibGuides Games and Activities for Energizing Asignments Instruction Home. Foe installing comodo ssl certificate iis 7 Guide Search.

Games and Activities for Energizing Library Dtudents Home This guide contains links and bibliographic information for resources to help instructors energize library and information literacy instruction with games and activities. Online Games Information Literacy Game Information Literacy game from the University of North Library assignments for college students at Greesboro. Goblin Threat The Goblin Threat game trains on the basics of colllege prevention. It aseignments created by Mary Broussard with assitance on question writing from Jessica Urich.

Name that Citation Name That Citation!

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Use your knowledge to decide sthdents type of resource is cited. This game tests players ability to spot phishing messages. Lemontree, the Library Game. Keyword Challenges found in the Action Zone section of this Kit. Build a Jeopardy Game. Online Searching Instruction assignmsnts assignments for college students Doing Research.

Help Your Students Become Better Searchers. Research Question Search Strategy. Analyze Your Research Strategy. Critical Stusents Literacy Laboratory Online toolkit for teaching and learning. Searching for History Books Tutorial. Resources Cook, Doug, and Ryan Sittler.

Library Assignments & Handouts

Overcoming the Fear colleye Gaming: A Strategy for Incorporating Games into Srudents and Learning. Birks, Jane, and Fiona Hunt.

Hands-On Information Literacy Activities. Libraries Tap into the Library assignments for college students Game Culture. Integrating Virtual and Physical Games in a Small Academic Library.

Gradowski, Gail, Loanne Snavely, and Paula Dempsey. Designs for Active Learning: A Sourcebook of Classroom Strategies for Information Education.

A Guide to Assignments for Library Research - Cornell College

Harris, Amy, and Scott E. Gaming in Academic Libraries: Livrary, Marketing, and Information Literacy. Active Learning Techniques to Empower Students. Hosting a Library Mystery: Colllege Games in Library Instruction to Enhance Student Learning.

Marcus, Sandra, and Sheila Beck. Comparing a Treasure Hunt with a Traditional Freshman Orientation Tour.

Markey, Karen, et al.

Blogs and Other Web Resources Spoonful of Sugar This blog provides information on instructional games for libraries. Games in Libraries Blog. Bringing Gaming and Gamers to Your Library: The Game of Research: Citation Information and Activities MLA Blaster. Why You Need to Cite. Citation Guides with Examples. Sep 15, 1:


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