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So, with the help of a host of other countries, the U.

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The mission should involve the application of smart procedures to eradicate the threats posed by drugs, terrorism, and fundamentalism. Because of this, America declared war on Afghanistan on October 10th,

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Aboout practitioners need to realize that this practice is wrong, and that it has to be taken care of Afghanistan occupied by British and Soviet armies.

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Sample of The War in Afghanistan Essay (you can also order custom written The War in Afghanistan essay).

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The war in Afghanistan has started many debates of whether it is right or wrong to invade a poor and small state with the goal to prevent terrorism.

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The War in Afghanistan. Custom The War in Afghanistan Essay Writing Service || The War in Afghanistan Essay samples, help. The War in Afghanistan was started in the year , as the US military's Operation Enduring Freedom was launched in response to the September 11, attacks on the US.

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Afghanistan in the past three years has witnessed a spike in insurgent attacks. Taliban and Al Qaeda forces have evolved their dssay to use asymmetric strategies that strike at the weaknesses of conventional military forces. NATO is a vital member of the allied forces that are engaged in combat operations against Taliban forces.

This report calls for enhancing the role of the military alliance in the region. NATO must use on military tactics through an assessment of the military situation. It should win the hearts and minds of the local population that is terrorized or coerced into supporting the Taliban.

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This means deploying a permanent presence in areas that have been cleared of insurgents. Additionally troop levels creative writing certificate online canada resources for NATO troops afghhanistan be upgraded for securing victory.

Good governance is another objective in which NATO forces must seek to create high levels of transparency and accountability in the government. Another recommendation is upgrading intelligence networks to meet assignments for a prisons class evolving threat of subversive organizations.

A decentralized command and essay about war in afghanistan structure is emphasized with the creation of small and agile rssay cosmetic surgery essay against to afghanisfan insurgents.

Finally NATO must train and sponsor local security forces to provide justice to local inhabitants. The war in Afghanistan has been dragging on for the past eight years without a decisive victory. Essay about war in afghanistan United States has ahout a new strategy to defeat and contain Agfhanistan insurgents. Further it seeks to reverse the resurgence of such networks in the year Taliban insurgents have shifted their tactics to the use of roadside bombs and suicide attacks in order to negate the military superiority of their opponents.

NATO has been bachelor thesis title page example as part of ISAF forces in Afghanistan. An effective strategy for winning the way in Afghanistan is based upon enhancing the role and function of NATO. This can be achieved essay about war in afghanistan through systematic assessment and evaluation of current problems.

It requires the adghanistan of innovative and creative strategies that would help to stem the tide against Taliban resurgence.

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Further a stable and viable Afghan state would not pose a threat to its neighbors and other countries. The security objectives of Essay about war in afghanistan member states could be met through the development of a viable and sustainable military strategy. Enhancing the essay about war in afghanistan of NATO in Afghanistan is a cumbersome task but it can be achieved through proper planning and preparation.

This report seeks to provide a number of recommendations that will enhance the role of NATO in Afghanistan. This strategy is based upon assessment of new political developments like the additional deployment of US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan army offensives against Taliban insurgents in its NWFP province.

The Essay about war in afghanistan Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in the essxy s as a means of countering the military threat posed by the Soviet Union and its allies. During the afthanistan href="">high school art lesson plan format war, NATO was a military alliance of several European states that abouy trained, supported, and armed afghanixtan the United States.

The collapse of the Soviet Union in created important questions wad the viability of NATO in the post communist geopolitical environment.

The Washington NATO Summit conducted wad called atghanistan developing a new security paradigm that enabled the military alliance to respond to new sbout of military threats like terrorism, failed states, and aboout of mass destruction.

Allied states advocated the creation of essay about how to solve internal communication problems in essay about war in afghanistan flexible and agile military force that could function outside Europe Giustozzi, This assessment was reached through a consensus that the threats of the future would be asymmetric in nature.

Given the overwhelming military superiority of Western powers, an adversary or hostile state would commit military suicide while attempting to fight a conventional war.

In such situations, the adversary would essay about war in afghanistan to asymmetric tactics like sabotage, political mobilization, ballistic missiles, and terrorism to achieve its military and political objectives.

The twenty first century gave rise to the threat posed by secretive cells composed of highly trained and highly motivated terrorists. ISAF was the military wzr that comprised of NATO member states. A UN Security Council resolution in September extended the mandate of NATO into several areas.

These included assistance in counter insurgency operations, reconstruction efforts, facilitation of essay about war in afghanistan military and law enforcement agencies, development of democracy, and eradication of drugs.

Twenty eight NATO states have provided troops to the ISAF force Giustozzi, Afghanistan remains a weak and fragile state that is wrecked by drugs, terrorism, and warlords.

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Taliban and Al Qaeda forces have staged a spectacular resurgence through the evolution of military tactics that seek to negate the military superiority of NATO. Taliban violence in and has taken a heavy toll on NATO forces, Afghan civilians, and Afghan military forces.

Another important development has been the Pakistan army offensives against Taliban insurgents in Bajaur, SwatValley, and South Waziristan. These developments cannot be ignored by NATO and there is an urgent need to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the military alliance. Afghaniatan goal afghanista winning the war in Afghanistan also involves essay about war in afghanistan the role of Afgnanistan in the theatre.

US military strategy in with regards to Afghanistan underwent a strategic shift due to inherent problems and obstacles. However eight years on the war has transformed into a abut. US and NATO efforts to suppress insurgents have been frustrated while the goal to create a viable Cheap writing papers society essay about war in afghanistan become a remote dream. The new esswy outlined by the Obama administration is to zbout the resurgent terrorist networks in Afghanistan and Pakistan Shaw, It seeks to reduce or mitigate their ability to sponsor, mastermind, and perpetrate international terrorist attacks.

Finally it desires to create an effective central government in Afghanistan that is responsive to the needs and requirements of the Afghan zfghanistan. The strategy seeks to modify the ability of Afghan military and law enforcement forces to handle their security needs.

Essay on The War in Afghanistan -- History War

An important element of this strategy is to restructure and revitalize NATO forces in order to safeguard mutual security interests. NATO members need to boost troop levels wae order to wae large swathes of Afghan territory to be overrun by Taliban insurgents. Parts of research paper proposal NATO should be augmented to develop infrastructure, democracy, and train local security forces Ahmad, The mission should involve the application of smart procedures to eradicate the threats posed by drugs, terrorism, and fundamentalism.

The new US strategy must be aligned with NATO efforts to win the war in Afghanistan. This is based upon multilateralism and represents a remarkable shift from the Bush doctrine that focused on unilateral military engagements in order to accomplish US objectives Ahmad, A stable Afghanistan and Pakistan are the keys to essay about war in afghanistan the security objectives of many countries.

The current essay about war in afghanistan paradigm of the US and Essay about war in afghanistan will only lead to the creation of a bloody quagmire Rothstein, It would increase public pressure to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. An ad hoc and ill planned retreat from Afghanistan would transform it into a rogue state. Islamic terrorist groups would create a safe haven in the state to export their revolutionary ideologies to neighboring states. Further it also leads to the increase in international terrorist attacks against the US and NATO member states.

Such a nightmare scenario cannot be allowed to happen because it would jeopardize esxay efforts made in Afghanistan for the past eight years by the international community. Your writers are masters at time management. I turned in an order for four very afghanistah papers, and they were all written perfectly, even with the short deadline notice.

The whole paper briefly on 1 page - for wbout to get the main points. Advised to those who will also be asked live on the essay about war in afghanistan researched. We provide a one-page draft, essay about war in afghanistan will briefly include the main ideas of the paper to give you better understanding of it. Free revisions are provided within 48 hours upon order delivery. Now, you can get 14 days for any revision requests.

It provides for user to include notes, anecdotes, reminders or any text at all that can help the speaker get the point across. I have never been disappointed. Admissions Essays Be Careful! Case Studies Coursework Custom Essay Dissertation Editing Research papers Resume Services Term essay about war in afghanistan Writing Help Sitemap Analysis Business Description Economics Exploratory History Literary Analysis Management Research Review.


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